Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's Woes!!! we opted to stay home because if we drove to Ohio we would be driving through horrible weather...major snow...for we ordered a cooked turkey and drove through this today to get it...this was the start of the snow. Now...we have snow everywhere! And...Janssen's...the most beloved specialty store ever...forgot to cook our turkey! Totally their fault...they were so sweet but they forgot! So...they are cooking it and then delivering it to tons of snow! If they are not able to get here we are having stuffing and pie for dinner! And gravy! Isn't it all about the gravy?

Sipping this...the directions say that when the milk is steaming the cocoa will ACCEPT the chocolate mixture perfectly! And it did!


Reading this...sooooooo good! Every word is sooooooooo good!

So...Happy Wednesday! Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


  1. No Ma'am, it's all about the stuffing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Stay safe and warm! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Den!

  3. I want that book...and some cocoa, please!

  4. The stuffing is actually my favorite part...I could manage on just the stuffing...and pie. Happy Thanksgiving, and I'm glad you are staying home. Safe and warm.

    The Silent Sister will be on my list of favorite books for this year.

  5. Wow. What a weird thing to happen. Well, it'll taste even better now! Happy Thanksgiving! *Gobble-Gobble!*