Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Trials And Tribulations...

We opted at the last minute to not make the grueling 7+ hour Thanksgiving drive to McDonald, Ohio...so...the guilt starts now...I want to be there but that Wednesday drive is hateful plus we are getting snow here plus I just surprised everyone in August plus everyone expects us to make the effort and normally we don't mind but I just want to be here at home. Whew...not feeling any less guilty, though...in fact after writing this I think I feel worse! Sigh! We ordered a cooked free range turkey. We ordered a pumpkin praline pie...I am making small sides...drinking Bloody Mary's and having smoked salmon on baby potato pancakes while we watch the parade! I am even making stuffing in the slow cooker!

This movie was so good! We loved it!

I am in the midst of a minor reading dilemma...reading this...

but trying to decide what to read next...

The girls apparently solved their own sleeping situation...peacefully, blissfully...they must have read my blog!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your dinner sounds lovely, and nobody should expect you to drive in all that traffic when it could be bad weather, too. Just enjoy!

  2. I understand your guilt, but if I were you I would stop now because you saw your relatives in the summer and they say Wednesday is the worst travel day of the year, plus with snow conditions the roads will be yucky. Stay home and have fun with Den and the girls and your yummy food and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Don't feel too guilty! The bad weather is keeping a lot of people off the roads. Plus- you did surprise them this summer. Sometimes we need to be home for a holiday. A seven hour drive sounds very long- and with the weather it would have been worse! Your Thanksgiving lineup sounds lovely.

    Hope you are enjoying the Diane Chamberlain book! I have been curious about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Awesome pic of the girls! Stay home; stay safe! They understand.