Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

Reading this...a wife/mother steps right out the door and leaves her life behind! She even leaves her wedding ring in a train station bathroom. It has three diamonds! Lol!

It's hair day to get those roots tinted...sigh!
I need a magic potion!

Roxie protects Lucy...I really think that Roxie and I are in tune to every sound Lucy makes. We look at each other as if to she ok? Lucy is a very noisy kitty...and just a tad cranky in her elder years. A squeak, a sqawk, a chirp...Roxie and I come running! Is this a comforting paw?

Those are all the thoughts I have right now...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I can never just get my roots tinted because my overall color, all over fades to hell. I always have to do full color and foils and I am tired of it. It only lasts for a good two weeks , if that.

  2. Well, since she left a diamond ring behind you know that book's not about me! lol

  3. I am grey, but its okay with me. I don't have a problem with aging.
    Roxie is a cutie, for sure.

  4. Ah, sweet Roxie!

    And One Step Too Far looks good....

  5. Your latest book sounds interesting. So cute how Roxie watches out for Lucy. :)

  6. I have a stripe of grey right along my Center part, it looks weird so every few weeks I use a box colour rinse to get rid of it. I'm not willing to do it via the hairdressers cause my hair grows about an inch a month, it would cost me a fortune!