Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts...

I cannot put this book down...the author actually lives in a town very close to mine and when he references certain places...I actually think I know what he is referring to. This book is intense and quite stunning, actually. It's the story of a school shooting...a story that sadly is all too familiar lately. But the way this author writes about alternating chapters of his son's early life and what is happening chilling...eye opening and shocking. And very very sad for everyone.

Still also reading night...on my Paperwhite...I loved the first one so much and I love this one but it is so dark and scary and frightening...actually...main character Kara has to kill the Sordyr...a really bad bad creature. The Thickety is this nightmarish forest where nothing good can grow. Kara is inside of the Thickety with her brother and an old witch who keeps changing ages...Kara never knows what she will find when she awakens each morning...a little child or an old woman! Kara is the only one who can kill the Sordyr...but she is a new witch without her of spells! I have to put this aside, though, and finish Finding Jake...I never learn that I really prefer reading one book at a time but I really do!

It is a rainy icky day here...a stay inside day and that is what I am doing...staying inside and making soup and pumpkin bread...both recipes are from Food 52.

Beef Barley Soup!

This pumpkins bread is filled with spices and a grated apple!

Do you remember having a favorite soup when you were little?

Mine was Campbell's Chicken And sister Paula only ate Campbell's Vegetarian brothers both liked Campbell's Bean With Bacon or Vegetable Beef. And my mom would heat them all at the same time...different pots! And our sandwich of choice to go with our soup were open-faced Peter Pan Peanut Butter sandwiches on Tip Top bread.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I was a chicken and stars girl myself :)

  2. Chloe Jo loves Campbell's chicken noodle soup. No other soup, but this one. She insists on it when someone has it: she must share. Ha!

  3. My fave soup as a kid was Campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich to dip in it :)
    I really want to read Finding Jake now! I've read two other books about school shootings this past year. Maybe that comment makes me sound like a ghoul, but I just want to try to crawl inside one of these kids' head and see what makes them really tick. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    2. I can only say again...this book is freaky good!

  4. You always eat the best food! Every time I visit I am hungry and in need of tasty treats. :)

    How cool that the author lives in a nearby town. I love when I know (or think I know) the places being referred to in a book!

  5. Mine was Campbell's Chicken Noodle....

    Now I probably would hate it; those soups are so thin...LOL.