Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Saturday Situation!

OMG! We just tore our room apart! We washed draperies! We washed trim! We washed floors! We washed everything! I went through one of my closets and mercilessly gave stuff away...5 construction bags filled with clothes and shoes and I swear 150 pairs of socks! All of this is for Big Brothers/Sisters pick up next week! Why does it feel so good to cleanse? The socks...I think that I love socks way too out socks, tights, holiday socks, thin socks, thick socks, boot socks...but I honed everything down to manageable sock bins! Yeah for Patty!

Now...we are tired...Den ran out for kitty food for the girls and tacos for us for lunch...I am making clam chowder for dinner...we are taking showers and staying in for the rest of the day!

Still reading scary good! This author's imagination is endlessly exciting! For example...Kara is learning how to battle the horrible stuff that the Sordyr sends her everything in the Thickety is freaky flowers...that devour shadows of people thus the people are gone, too. Kara has her 7 year old brother with her, Taff, and he is so sweet and funny and innocent and she needs to protect's just an endless amount of conquering that Kara has to do to get out of the Thickety. Nothing good is in the Thickety!

I am ready for a taco!

Happy Saturday!


  1. go, Girl...and Boy! Well done!

  2. Wow! spring cleaning in late fall? Sounds exhausting, Patty! Love the great sounding book, and of course all those yummy soups you posted! Have a wonderful Sunday...just relax and rest up! xo

  3. Ooh, tacos sound good! And all that cleaning and purging, too...I think it is contagious, isn't it?

    I didn't purge today, but I did a thorough cleaning instead of doing only little bits here and there.


  4. Sounds like spring cleaning in the fall. Come do my house next!

  5. You do the cleanse thing every year, don't you? I don't buy much anymore.