Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

Ok...I love Sunday because Den is doing all of the towel laundry and emptying the dishwasher and now he is heating the clam chowder for lunch!

Den says that it's his way of working off the stress of watching the Broncos and the Eagles. I love it!
I was going to do all of this stuff tomorrow but football stress gave me a free day!

I have been reading nonstop since Friday's my middle grade marathon...

This was really on the moon told from a 12 year old's view.

This one was interesting but not compelling.

This is more YA and I already know it's going to have an unsatisfying ending plus it's frustrating to read and if I am honest...confusing...and I hate when YA is hard to follow...sigh!

I had to put this aside and I need to get back to it! I stopped at an "about to be revealed" part...

It's cold here today! Lucy has the right idea except all of this is on me and I can't move or she grumbles....

And Roxie won't stop racing around the house...we had a moment when it was quiet and we could not find her but she was locked in the downstairs bathroom!
She is recovering from her trauma now...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh, Lucy looks very cozy in that furry thing...comforter? Throw?

    Glad you could read all day...all of those books are new to me....enjoy!

    I binged on Netflix again, only I watched so long today that my TV had to be rebooted afterwards...LOL.

  2. Looks like Den had a bad day. Sorry about that.
    Your middle school marathon sounds interesting!

  3. Once Boozie was locked in the car all night! We were looking everywhere for feel for Roxie-girl! Love that shot of Lucy. That's what I call living the life! Yes!!