Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday's Schedule...

Until football season ends...our Sunday revolves around football!

Today it's this...

...waffles and yummy bacon for breakfast...

...hard cider and popcorn during the Eagles game...maybe chips and salsa to go along with the yelling...cheering...screaming...and general excitement...

...playing with Lucy and Roxie and soothing them when Den's screams scare them...they have really good jump Lucy just stays in her bed and tunes Den out...

Roxie just likes to jump for any reason!

...a short recess until the Bronco game is on...more yelling...screaming...cheering...and possibly tears...yep...tears are in the cards for this one...

...baked tacos and salad for dinner...that will conclude the football portion of this Sunday...

Reading this...I find that a lovely fantasy on football Sunday helps me to totally get through a day of football...I barely even know it's on...

I can be serene and at peace with the day! See? This is my peace filled look...totally!
You can almost hear me chanting!

What's up in your world today?

Happy Football Sunday!


  1. I've got a pot of chili on the stove and I'm just hanging out with my mom! It's so much fun!

  2. Football---yuck! Tasty football food---yum!!

  3. Football, books, cats...sounds good to me.

  4. Only my son is into football in our immediate family so we just had burgers for lunch with him before he left to go back to school and now I'm going to visit a few blogs and settle down with The Likeness by Tana French. I'm in the mood for fantasy soon, so I'll check out some of your past recommended titles, since you do read the genre. This one looks good also. Enjoy!

  5. Ha-ha---I absolutely do not miss having to watch I binged on Netflix shows, mostly Gilmore Girls. I am on Season IV now, almost done.

    Had a shepherd's pie for dinner...a frozen one, sadly.