Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday's Scene!

We have nixed a walk, said no to going out to lunch, and are not in the mood for a movie.

We had a big ole'breakfast...thick toast slices from a loaf of seedy organic bread...literally slathered in local butter and jam...blueberry for Den...apricot for me. Turkey sausages...again locally made...dippy local eggs...yum! But breakfast today was all about my new toy! My slicer! Love this thing! Only we did not realize that there was a shredder blade on the side so we used this spiral blade and had spiral home fries...still delicious but quite funny looking!

Reading this...

Having these for dinner...we love baked tacos...these our so we are using bison...yum!

That's Sunday blues...everybody around me is napping...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love gadgets so using the slicer would be fun but then I'd be expected to cook something.

  2. Oh, your Sunday sounds wonderful! Rites of Passage has a curious cover.

    I binged on Gilmore Girls on Netflix all I feel very disconnected...LOL.