Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seriously...Tuesday's Trivialities!

Really trivial...

Not much going on here today...this is a work week for Den...so he is hyper, stressed, hmmm...dare I say just a bit irritable? Yes!!! Plus...today is trash day and we have a massive amount of leaf filled bags outside...I am sort of hiding from the sweet trash guys...I probably should go out and tip them but I am too lazy. They had to be out last night so Den came in and went right back out to carry them from behind the house to the top of the driveway...which is way far up there!

Middle of the road trivial...love these boots! Uggs!

Tastily trivial...pasta with pancetta from Saveur...rigatonis!


Not trivial at all...reading this...involves three sad characters...one with an autistic son and dealing with a divorce, one losing financial security, and one about to lose a father.

Also reading this! I loved the first book...the author is a teacher. The second book is every bit as good! Fantasy and a very brave girl!

So...these are Tuesday's trivial pursuits!

Have a good one!


  1. Those boots are adorable and that pasta looks delicious!

  2. So, a quiet Tuesday! That is good. I hope that Den's mood improves. I know that can be a pain. For everyone!

  3. I downloaded one of Sarah Rayner's books last week: One Moment, One Morning. This one looks good, too.

    Love those autumn leaves!