Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday's Stuff!

I need to walk in places that are not my one lonely block.

I hate getting in a car to drive to walking trails!

This may be a compromise.

It's barely five minutes from my house by car...we explored and walked it on Thursday. We have to join but I can see myself getting there at 9...walking for an hour...and then coming home. I think.

Here is what we saw on Thursday. You can walk on paved paths all through this meadow!

Hi Den!

Giant lily pads?

Mummalicious mums!

And inside when you get cold!

The question is this. Is there too much to look at? And it changes all of the time...they are putting up Christmas now. Plus...we walked from the entrance to the meadow and back and I had no clue how to get back on my own. There are paths everywhere and tons of people...tourists, school kids, scooters, strollers.
And did I mention stuff to look at? Shops, restaurants, coffee! Benches everywhere! So distracting! Plus we were there 10 minutes and I ran into three people that I know! So we stopped to chat...of course. But there were serious could tell them I have it in me to be a serious walker? We shall see!

Is this my walking solution?

Other than electricians in and out of the house to install a ceiling light/fan...we are staying in on this rainy windy day! How can you come here specifically to install a fixture and not have what you need for that job? When you know what the job is?

I don't get it!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh, what great trails! I love that treehouse in one photo....and I have to drive to get to interesting places, too, although not very far.

    It is raining here today, too; I went to the movies.

  2. I don't like to drive somewhere to walk either. Luckily our neighborhood is big enough so I can walk here. I do have to go out early or everyone will want to stop and talk.

    By the way, we had snow this morning and some of it stuck. That is all kinds of wrong.

  3. I love those walking trails and the views you have there. I would totally join if it was 5 minute drive away, and go there often. Just my opinion but I think you would like it if you like to get out and walk. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.