Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday's Schedule!

So...after days of running around...we are enjoying a few days of the running is College Football Day! Well...for one of us...which is fine. We even cancelled dinner out...I can't imagine eating out right now...ick!

Love this book...I just got it last week...

We are having these tonight. Everything is roasted on one pan! Fajitas! Ole! A total change from turkey! I have handmade corn tortillas and Greek Yogurt ( we never buy sour cream any more ) and fresh avocados! Dinner! A nice stay at home simple Saturday dinner...I love this book!

Finishing this...which is so good...I am beginning to think that I love historical fiction, murder and long as there is a snappy character like Poppy March involved!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh those look so yummy! Is it flank steak?

  2. I like pioneer America historical fiction...minus romance. Hard to find. Enjoy yours!
    Interesting ebook vs. physical book article on FB, wasn't it?

  3. Oh, delicious looking! And that author is one I haven't yet read...must try her!