Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday's Mission!

Den has the entire week off so we have various flexible plans/ideas for the entire week.

Plans possibly include...

Seeing Interstellar...the IMAX version.

Getting long swingy flowy puddling draperies for the sunroom...I think I am tired of the blinds.

Taking a drive to the " salmon place" to get wild caught Alaskan salmon as well as their house cured salmon.

Flu shots...ick.

Lunches out...I think I love lunching out better than dinner out...sometimes.

Getting outside pots put away and trying to get the last of the leaves raked.

Walking...a walk a day at least.

Deciding what to do about Thanksgiving...sigh.

Those are the plans!

New books!!!

I love this series!

Happy Monday!


  1. Carl's last day at the office is Friday! Vance saw Interstellar in IMAX yesterday but I haven't heard what he thought of it.

  2. Ooh, sounds like a wonderful week! Except for the flu shots, but those are so necessary. Go to have lunch and drinks afterwards!

    I like the look of Some Other Town.

    And those drapes sound lovely.

  3. Her is on my list, too. Some Other Town looks intriguing!
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Yeah! You and Den have some time off together. :) Most of your week sounds awesome- except the flu shots!

  5. Lovely week! I got the Alan Bradley book too! Read all the others on audio though, wondering how it will be with out that lovely 'Flavia' voice reading it to me. The cover on the Cherry Harvest intrigues me. Off to look that one up!