Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's All About The Mess!

We heard a huge crash early this morning...I thought the gutters fell off of the house or a car hit the house or there were animals in the attic favorite pot and plant were killed by the wind! Notice what not watering the mums does? They get killed, too!

We never ever buy the right amount of treats! Too many leftovers...we were giving out tons to each kid and we still have this many left...sigh! Den is the only person I know who loves DOTS...that's why we buy them.

Roxie Blue is glad that Halloween is over...and Lucy hissed at a witch at the when we have to change the clocks in the Fall? So not good for kitties...and the people who love them...their tummies don't realize that we are eating an hour later! They are usually so good...but they were relentless this morning!

Reading this...

Making pip and ebby!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yeah, we never get the candy thing right either because we can never predict how many kids will show up.

    I hate the time change but the one in the fall is easier for me to handle.

  2. We had crazy wind here and our mums toppled off our deck. Sorry your pot broke.

    I LOVE Dots and almost bout a bag of the Tootsie Roll assorted candy that I saw on sale tonight just so I could get some (but then I remembered all the leftover candy I had and decided I had to forgo the Dots). :)


  3. I always had tons of trick or treaters at my house in the foothills, but in the seven years I've been here, not a one! And I always had leftovers in huge amounts, as nothing was given out!

    This year I didn't buy anything...and then I thought: they'll come for sure when I'm unprepared. But no...not a one.

    I'm sorry about your plants! That horrible wind! And I don't like the time changes, but I like it better in the fall...after I set one clock by my bedside, I went back to sleep for another hour.

    Then I got up and changed the assortment of clocks I collect that are above the mantle and in the kitchen and office...sigh.

  4. I was never into Dots until I bought them for the kids and discovered they're not so bad! I was surprised!