Friday, November 28, 2014

Fab Fun Friday...

We are not shopping today...I am sitting here listening to Den tell me we are 27 minutes away from a turkey sandwich...not a big sandwich but two little sandwiches on something called a Snowflake Roll...from Whole Foods! I have not had an acquaintance with Snowflake Rolls until this Thanksgiving! They have a powdery snow like dusting on them! Who knew? So...back to the sandwiches...turkey white meat, avocado slice, olive oil mayo...a spear pickle and chips on the side! Oh me, oh my!

Our table yesterday...while we waited for the turkey to get warmer...

Our turkey still looks whole from one side! I am going to slowcook the bones into a Turkey Bone Broth! Have you seen this or tried it yet? Bones, ginger, apple cider's delicious to sip! I bought some from Whole Foods but I want to make La Fugi Mama's recipe. The Pacific one was really good...very warming!

Still reading The Silent Sister...almost finished. It is soooooo good!

Happy Friday!


  1. One of the bad parts about not being home for Thanksgiving- we don't have any leftovers. Last year I ordered a turkey dinner from Whole Foods that we picked up on Friday. Totally should have done it again!

    I used to babysit a little girl who was obsessed with snowflake rolls. We walked to the store every day so she could get one. :)

  2. Oh, the leftovers from dinner are wonderful...Heather sent me home with several containers.

    The Silent Sister was one of my will be on my Top Ten for the year.

    I can imagine you will do some wonderful soups with your leftovers.

    Noah, my youngest grandson, is here for a sleepover and we're doing lunch tomorrow with my second son, two of his kids, and another of my grandsons.

  3. I've never heard of snowflake rolls. OMG!! You always have the most delicious food! Aaaa!!!

  4. I am so bad. When I make a leftover turkey sandwich I fry the turkey in butter and leftover gravy! Pile it on with cranberry sauce, some mayo and sometimes even stuffing. My GF break kills it for me but the fam loves them.