Friday, November 21, 2014

Fab Fun Friday!!!

Reading this...I am not a huge fan of funny books but this book is really funny. Den says I don't laugh out loud or even smile when something on TV is funny so if you saw me reading would never know...but it's like a British Biggest Loser...and the humor is sort of Graham Norton, Russell Brand type of humor...quick, fast, a tad too bathroomy for me,

Ok...this is the best tortellini soup ever! Ever...ever...ever...
In the soup pot...

In the bowl with a hunk of garlicky bread...those big blobs are Whole Foods Italian Mild Turkey Sausages and spinach tortellini...Den has proclaimed this the best soup ever. Ever...ever...ever...whew!

With just soup for dinner...I am not counting how many ladles you ladled,
We needed cake! Or rather bars...these are pumpkin with cream cheese icing! Oh my they were dense and delicious! I am totally surprised they even baked due to the fact that either my oven is broken or I actually baked these at 190 for 45 minutes...then I had to turn the oven up and keep watching and poking it...this cake no longer has it's middle! I thought I touched 350 but nothing was set was weird but I was making soup and playing soccer with Roxie and I could have been distracted...if the oven is broken we will have a vegan raw Thanksgiving! Yikes!

Happy Friday? What are you doing for fun today?


  1. I do like funny books but sometimes the humor gets old before the book is done.

  2. I love soup, homemade soup of any kind. This sounds heavenly. Such a dark color red too, with spinach tortellini and turkey sausage, yum! And your dessert will hit the spot afterwards. I've never heard of your book but a humorous British Biggest Loser type, now that's different!

  3. I am seeing a serious food trend lately.

  4. Speaking of broken ovens, my first Thanksgiving in my townhouse years ago, I put in the turkey...and several hours later, realized that, while the oven was on, it was very low...that was a bust!

    I love cream cheese fave. That looks very good!

  5. That soup looks super tasty! I have been wanting to make some soup in my crock pot. It has been so chilly here- it would be such a welcome treat at the end of the work day. :)