Friday, November 14, 2014

Fab Fun Friday!

First...Al The Tile Guy came to seal the shower tile in our bathroom. Roxie Blue helped him by getting into the shower with him and doing somersaults! When she wasn't doing acrobatics she just watched him...

Then...Den made me breakfast!

Next I read more of this...I have seen mixed reviews but it is really good...there is something going on under the brings some of Lianne Moriarty's books to my mind.

Then...Lucy had a cold laser treatment...she griped the entire time...seriously?

Then we went to The Whip Tavern for lunch. I get the same thing every time...the Tavern Salad with grilled chicken and Stilton dressing...and we share house made gravlax on potato pancakes. These are amazing! Den had fish and chips and mooshy peas! I ate one before I remembered to take a photo! Sooooo good!

Now we are home chillaxing for the rest of the day. I am showered, kitties are all around me...Den is napping from his lunch and Laurelwood, Colorado IPA beer! I am examining my roots from!

Making this for dinner...from prouditaliancook...its a cabbage cake!

Unless I get frustrated and turn it into this...same ingredients...different look! It's basically an unstructured cabbage something or other...but Den and I love cabbage!

Photo by Marc R. but this photo and recipe are everywhere...Pinterest, Allrecipes, and FB...

Happy Friday!


  1. So funny. I was just about to send you this cabbage cake recipe.

    BTW, remind me what the laser treatment is for.

  2. Oh, wow, that cabbage cake does look tempting! Usually I have cabbage with corned beef, in honor of the Irish heritage...LOL.

    What a fun Friday you have had!

  3. It's nice that Roxie is so friendly. Poor Sweetie would have been cowering in a corner--- preferably 3 blocks away--- from the strange, new creature in the house!

  4. I think I would gripe if I was Lucy too. Today was Carl's first day of freedom and we spent it going out to eat and running errands.