Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

It thundered and stormed all night last night but I never heard it!

There was a red moon last night? My friend Peggy took this picture from her porch...isn't it amazing?

Finished this...probably the most relaxing book I have read in a long time...a young widow, a cake shop, a new love and a mean girl! Yum!

Reading this now...really good...

Making this chopped salad for dinner...from a cookbook called The Family Dinner! I will be chop chop chopping all afternoon! We are adding tuna rather than tofu!

Those are my wonders!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It was too cloudy for us to see the moon last night/this morning. Seems like it's always cloudy when something interesting in happening in the sky.

  2. I can't believe I missed the moon. So beautiful.

  3. I was trying so hard to see it, but it was too darn cloudy. Two more are coming for a total of 4 and they're all occurring on Jewish holy days. Prophetic significance? Seek Jesus' salvation while there's still time...

  4. I watched the blood moon, too. It was gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

  5. The moon is amazing! I forgot all about it...thanks for sharing.

    Love the look of your books and your food....

  6. What a fabulous picture of the moon! It stormed here last night and I didn't hear it either. :)

    Dinner looks like it was good!