Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

This book was so good! It was a lovely English mystery set at a time when people went to Brighton and stayed in great seaside inns and dressed for dinner and danced after dinner! I loved this book starring...Amory Ames...sort of a hot British Miss Marple! This should be a series! She has a "gigolo" husband, Milo, and she solves mysteries...she is an upper class sleuth! I loved this book!

Reading this Russian fantasy now and I love it, too! It's written by the author of's sad but there is humor! I love a little humor mixed in with sadness! It's so much fun!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. My mom is an Angliophile so I bet she'd love Murder at the Brightwell.

  2. Great review of Murder at the Brightwell on goodreads. Can't wait to read it!