Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Woes!


I couldn't remember if I gave Lucy her HPB pill yesterday...I always remember! But I was in and out and I think I totally I keep watching her for any change.

There is nothing here for dinner...or lunch.

We probably don't need to buy more but Den and I have nibbled on enough of the basket of Halloween candy to make us feel as though we should buy just one more bag...sigh!

Now the good stuff...

Finished, loved, adored this book! So lovely and so good!

Reading this now...

It's Happy Kitty Day's amazing to see how much Roxie loves Lucy...

And the way Lucy can sometimes return that love...sometimes...

Kitties are better in sets of two!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. We won't be home Friday night so I just bought stuff to make goodie bags for the kids on our street. I'll try to get them distributed tomorrow.

  2. I told you so...cats need doubles the fun and the love.

  3. Crooked River sounds really good! So glad the girls are loving each other. :)