Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...Random, Of Course!

It's most definitely fall...our house is in that clump of reddish trees! They were so tiny when we first planted them!

Where is our house?

When we first moved onto this street...no one had any trees...we never raked leaves and we were very sad! Lol...not any more! We have a million different kinds of leaves everywhere!

Finished this yesterday...so touching and heartfelt! The conversations between Douglas and Seth and Henry...oh my...sad and lovely and funny! The premise of this book is that Douglas...a teacher...is taking a summer trip in an RV to scatter his son's ashes at Yellowstone. He takes on two young brothers as a favor to their father...the story is lovely! Sad but not too sad...more bittersweet!

Reading this one now...fun, light, and sassy!

Making this for dinner from KitchenDaily...tomatoes and veggies and chickpeas and pasta...yum!

I am still pulling out bins of October stuff! One of my favorite wreaths!

Happy Tuesday...it's kind of wet and chilly and dreary here today...a very good stay at home to make soup kind of day!


  1. I told you Hyde is a great writer. I have to read this one, too. Thanks!
    That wreath is adorable. Looks like some of our past cats. Ha!

  2. Beautiful wreath! And isn't it great that you have such lovely things in your bins? A good point for not getting rid of the things we collect.

    I love that you have trees...I am a big fan of them....

    Katwalk was a fun read...I have enjoyed several books by this author.

    Take me With You also sounds interesting.

  3. Your house and the surrounding area is freaking awesome!!! It looks like you live on a golf course! :-D

  4. We had a really nice lawn but it's dead now with this mandatory rationing and it's about to get worse since in a couple of weeks we have to knock it down to just two watering days a week. With the warm temps, my yard will be completely dead come November.