Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Trivia!!!

Den is home today!!! We just spent a part of our morning staring at all the parts of the basement that we want to sort, shred, save and giveaway. We have decided to conquer it a section at a time...but not today...whew! It's sort of already divided into doable sections and if we decide to move where there are no basements...we will be ready. We will be more than ready! No hoarding here!

So...Den cleaned the basement a bit and ordered the sections...and I brought up more pumpkins! Lots more pumpkins!

I had to tie my witch's legs together so Roxie would stop jumping for her shoelaces!

I am in need of tiny little Snickers Bars...itty bitty boxes of Milk Duds that only have three duds inside...and Tootsie Roll pops...but just the orange and purple ones!

Love Halloween kitties!

Jack o'lanterns! Love them!

Reading this...still...and every character is so totally annoying...but I kind of love the book!

Den is out mowing...the dishwasher is humming...the laundry is drying...and I am free!

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOVE IT!!! It's a great time of year to de-junk!!! You know, right before the holiday season and you get more ;)

  2. OMG! I'm jealous. I'm such a packrat! Ugh!!! I admire you and Den. You're so organized! *rolling eyes* Lol! :-D Love the cat pillow.

  3. There must be a purge urge going around...LOL. I applaud you for deciding to conquer it a section at a time.

    I love your decorations!

    That book (Getting Even)...I saw it on VFA, I think.

  4. I love your decorations; cute stuff. Good luck with the sorting and downsizing!

  5. I pulled out two Halloween decor items yesterday. My kids are not into decorating this year but I am slowly bringing the stuff out. So far, they haven't noticed.