Monday, October 27, 2014

Mundane Monday!

Monday...sets the tone for my week.

Den is home all week long! Yahoo...I think! We are not taking any of our mini trips this
week...we are filling it with mundane stuff! Driver's license renewals, flu shots, Costco, yard work, nails, hair, walks! But...sometimes mundane stuff is fun! But...most of the time it is not so much fun!


I read these over the week end...I have been reading so much this weekend ( because of football ) I can't remember if I chatted about this book which was a surprise, a delight, and had an amazing plot! I loved this book! Loved it! It was so good it's worth another mention! So good!

I can't believe that I read two books about painting in a row but this one was good, too!

This one? A German translation about vamps and vamp hunters but it was not wonderful...sigh!

Reading this far? Really interesting...takes place in the 40's and it just dawned on me that it's about painting, too! What is up with me and painting? to shop!

This is dinner! A turkey taco salad from...The Kitchn! made me hungry for this!

Happy Monday!


  1. You do seem to read things in clusters! Ha!

  2. It's good to get the mundane stuff out of the way so you can have some fun!

  3. Ooh, love that taco salad! Now I'll be craving it....I've heard good things about Land of Dreams.

    Enjoy the mundane!

  4. Ha! My turkey tacos were good! The Girl informed me that I forgot to buy lettuce and then went on a two minute tirade about how it's not a taco without lettuce so I shredded some kale, plopped it on her ONE taco and off she went, happy as a clam.