Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday's Modifications? Kitties And Books!

I have recently realized that our beloved bedroom...with its peely white furniture and quilts and white wicker and paintings...from Maine and other special not just our room...but has also become "their" room. My two fave paintings...can you tell why and can you see how the artist drew stuff when she signed these?

Any way...I digress...

I no longer sit in my pink ticking chair to's Roxie's!

I no longer sit in my wicker's Lucy's!

There are soft catnip toys scattered everywhere...a cat scratching tree in front of the window...and two scratchers that they love tucked away in corners. I have to pick up toys to vacuum!

I don't even know how this all happened. But...kitties are sneaky like that...whenever they aren't with us...they are in "our" room! Oh my! They even get excited when we open our closet doors...they always walk inside to check it out...every single time! Oh...I keep a closet full of my clothes in a room that is way down the hall...when I walk down the hall to get something...I am always trailed by the two of's so funny. It looks as though I am leading a parade! A kitty parade! And Lucy is always first with Roxie right behind her...they never change their order! our room has been modified by these two sweet kitties! We also think that Roxie has learned to be a little princess just by watching Lucy...oh yes she has!


Reading opinion yet!

But I really want to "drop it like it's hot" and read this one...oh my how I LOVED the first one! And J.A.White is a amazing teacher!

Oh...just a note...I am still stuffy but totally hooked on this new Lemon Vicks!

Happy Monday!


  1. I need the book by Hyde. I really like her.
    If you think your house is "kitty littered" with toys, you should see ours! Ha!

  2. Oh, hope you feel better soon...and I am chuckling as I imagine the kitty parade!

    1. As the official leader of the pack...I laugh, too!