Friday, October 31, 2014

Fabulous Fun Friday...Except for One Thing!

We had to get driver's license photos taken today and I swear if they would let me take my own selfie it would look 500 times better than the one on my license right mad!

I took a selfie in the car and compared it to my new DL photo and I don't even look like the same person!

So mad! I want this on my license!

Instead of this!

Life is often not very fair!

Finished this yesterday...not wonderful at all...I actually think I got depressed reading it...sigh!

Reading this today and almost laughing out loud! This book is told from the viewpoint of Darren...a teenage boy after being told a lifer altering secret by his dad who is recently divorced from husband mom...seriously...every page is a list...I love it! Well...I love it except for some of the bathroom humor...sigh!

To cheer us up after our devastating driver's license photos we went to lunch here...
The Whip! It's awesome, always packed and in the heart of horse country.

He cheered me up!

This helped, too!

House made smoked salmon over teeny sweet lil' potato pancakes...yum!

Tavern salads with the juiciest grilled chicken and Stilton dressing! So good!

Off to read and watch scary movies!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hmmm salad. That really is a good selfie you took. The Teen's pic on his permit came out beautiful, better than any school photo. Go figure.

  2. If your driver's license photo looked good everyone would think it was fake.

    Starr Hill is brewed close to Carl's dad's but we can't get it down here.

  3. Oh, I always hate my DL photos! They won't let us turn our head even a little to get our "good side." LOL

    And then we have to live with the photo for eight years or so!

    Love that food! I want some....

  4. Your selfie IS hot! I've been pretty lucky with my driver's license pictures. They look nice. I just hope my luck continues! :-0

  5. They won't let you wear sunglasses, hats, or anything on your head. No one likes their DL photo! No one. *sigh*

  6. Yes! Right? License pictures are the worst. I think preapproved selfies should be permitted.