Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Our basement is a disaster. It literally went from a neatly binned organized space...that also housed our workout area to an out of control storage area. It actually used to be fun to descend the stairs and workout. Before Roxie...Lucy would come with me and sit on the yoga mat while I was on the treadmill...and when I was on the mat...she would stretch with me. But now...the bins are everywhere...I have to close the door because we don't trust that Roxie won't get into something in the basement...a box with tape...a stray piece of tape...who knows. We blame it all on the kitchen remodel...we just started moving things down there and they stayed there. I had October bins, Christmas bins, Summer bins...now I just truly have a mess o' bins...and although I want to go down there and reorganize...I haven't been able to do it yet. I also HATE going down there to work out because it's not orderly. The sight of the chaotic bins is stressful...very stressful. Sigh!

It's sad...very very sad...because it needs to be dealt with at some point. And soon!

Sigh! Even if I did this...from Amazon...I would need lots of them! Lots and lots!

Books! That always makes me feel better!

Loved both of these mysteries! I have not read Kathy Reichs in ages and this one was so good!

Reading this...a mother and daughter must rent out part of their house in order to survive...they rent to a young couple but it just seems as though something is stirring between the daughter and the married husband...we shall see!

I am off...maybe even to the chaotic basement? What if I just did a section at a time?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Glad you enjoyed The Missing Place. I did too. You are a better person than I am; I don't even want to think about tidying up my storage areas. Hope you decide on snuggling with the kitties and a book instead.

  2. The Missing Place looks good. I could use some suspense right now.

  3. My garage needs some straightening...and I even have some great shelving, but so many of my bins are on the floor because they are too heavy to lift to the top shelves....and there is no room on the lower shelves any more...sigh.

    I know...I need to ask one of my strong sons to do it....but my only son who lives nearby is busy getting ready to move up north...so I guess I'll wait. LOL

    I want to read The Paying Guests.