Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Well...lol...my first thought today is that Den...lovely sweet Den...is at the office! Today tomorrow and Thursday are office days...Friday is a play day!

I love this schedule...seriously...we have fun days and then work days and I still have time by myself.

So...yesterday's sheet pan dinner was awesome...the mix of teensie baby potatoes...I get them at Whole Foods and they are the size of grapes...but the mix of roasted potatoes and Kalamata olives and tiny sweet tomatoes...all on one pan...was so good!
After roasting, everything was sort of Mediterranean saucy tasting...I used a thick white fish...cod...so good! I know I made sheet pan suppers last year and then forgot about them...but I have a new renewed interest in them...

Making this one tonight but the salad doesn't go on the pan...lol...this is Martha Stewart, too. It's chicken...not fish.

I keep seeing this book everywhere! I want it!

Trying to finish this one...and it's good yet weird...it's my own fault because the cover reminded me of The Night Circus...which I loved. It takes place in Victorian England...my least fave place...there are lots of orphans, beggars, coal dust, and everyone is dirty or dying from an awful flu. Plus they are hungry and no one has money even though you can get dinner for a penny...including ale. Sigh...wish me luck.

Off to read this book for the next 30 minutes.

Happy Tuesday?


  1. Reading for just 30 minutes? Ha! Good luck with that, my friend. Have a good day!

  2. Your schedule sounds ideal and last night's dinner sounds super yummy!

  3. Sheet Pan Suppers is on NetGalley. I requested it a week or so ago, but haven;t heard anything yet. Your dinner last night looks delicious!!

  4. Lovely dinners...and I'm curious about the book. Enjoy! I like the sound of your schedule, too.