Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday's Trivia...

Reading this...really interesting...a Mormon family in the UK...a family tragedy...complex characters, of course!

This is up next and I can't wait...well...I can barely wait...

Random photos of my sweet Lucy little aging baby...did you know that cats deal with pain really well? Until they don't any more...her little knees might have been hurting her for a while and I never knew! Now she gets glucosamine in her food daily which means Roxie Blue also gets I think I am building a super kitty!

This is dinner...from a blog I love called Chinese Grandma! It's polenta that I am baking in the oven...sautéed local mushrooms...and I am adding sautéed kale. to read!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm finally reading again. Thank goodness. I hate when I can't seem to get into a book. There are some good ones coming out soon!

  2. Great photos of Lucy! Celebrate the moments...

    Hope you enjoy Belzhar.

  3. Glad Lucy Grace is getting what she needs to help her with her knee! Poor thing! :)