Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday's Tidbits...In Order Of Their Importance To Me...

Lucy seems to feel better but did you know that cats are excellent at hiding pain?

Roxie Blue is relentless...she will not leave Lucy alone...Lucy is often annoyed by her antics...but that face...that smooshy kitty

Elin Hilderbrand loves this book and I have never heard of it or seen it around!

I read this last was funny, cute, playful, light and sweet...I think it's the perfect book for grandmothers! Just teasing!

Reading this middle grade one now...I need a fantasy every once in a while! I love this cover!

Reading this one at night on my Paperwhite but this book suffers from too much time since the last one...I am having such a hard time remembering what happened in the last book...I loved the first one in this series...the second was just ok for me and this one is good...but difficult to get into...I wonder if it's just me?

Ok...that's it for is laundry and root touch up and pasta and clams for dinner! It's supposed to be wet and stormy one here later! We could lose power!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I can see why Roxie has trouble resisting Lucy! Stay dry!

  2. Your girls are both so sweet.
    The Kindle book above looks interesting. I have heard of it, but not read it either.
    Bill battled the storms on his way to PA. He is there now. Stay safe!

  3. Oh, poor Lucy...and funny Roxie! Enjoy the I am stopping by rather late in the day.

    1. She feels better today...until Roxie did a somersault over her!