Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Style! Or...The Fruits Of Den's Labors! Lol...

Fall! I love it! We are ready!

Peek A Boo!

A mum pop-up!

Down the walk!


My hitching post horse with his pumpkin!

More mums popping up!

My fave white pumpkin!

The door!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful! Tell Den we all think he did a great job, and your house is all set for Autumn.

  2. Lovely. I have one fall sign up but my kids said it is too early.

  3. According to a local newspaper article I read this morning, our Fall season will start on Oct. 17, when our rainy season of 6 months will finally stop and the weather will be somewhat cooler!
    Great job Den did around the yard...reminds me of my family house back in Ohio; your house is so pretty, and very cozy looking!