Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This is the time of year for soup...even though it's humid and in the high 90's here...I still want soup!

These look so amazing...I love this blog...it is truly one of my fave cooking blogs!

Books...do you think read more in the fall? A few new ones were in the mail Saturday...beautiful lovely books!

Den is at the office...the girls and I are going to clean and play and read...not a day for staying outside...again...it's hot and humid!

Sometimes I am amazed at how close they have become...and then I get sad by their age difference...sigh!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Those soups do look good, Patty! I'm looking forward to soup season.

  2. I love soup but it's too warm for it now. I hope you get a lot done today!

  3. I love Slow Roasted Italian also! I think I have some of those bookmarked - they look familiar. Soup season starts here in October ;)

  4. I love soups, and I think I could exist eating only soups...and cereal for breakfast. LOL

    I enjoyed Katwalk.

  5. I love a good homemade soup. I need to read this blog because I haven't found a good cookbook of only soup recipes with ones I would make.. not gourmet ones with truffle oil, lol. Anyone out there who has eaten at Sweet Tomatoes (FL) also called Souplantation (in CA) know the joy of wonderful soups!

    Enjoy those books, I have several on my wishlist and have read good reviews about them.

  6. The shaking thing... I saw it on another blogger blog so it's not just you.

    Soup. I wasn't feeling well all weekend so I had soup at least three times but not really good soup.

  7. Yes...thinking about loss in the future is a downer, but I'm so glad both girls are loving companions to each other now. God bless them...and you!