Friday, September 5, 2014

Scattered Thoughts?

A new kitty tent...right now we are sharing...they had one fight inside of it...

Roxie Blue proclaimed herself the winner of the "Battle Of The Tent."

New books! Thank you publishers and NetGalley!

I still want to make this's from a blog called Pickles And Cheese! I need to stop reading for a bit and just do it!
 Free People!

It is a foggy rainy steamy irritatingly wet day today! Binge watching some TV and laying low!

Made this for brunch! So delicious!

Den wants to go to Costco, Whole Foods...I am not in the mood...maybe tomorrow?

Happy Friday!


  1. We are frying here. I'm glad they're sharing their tent now.

  2. Lunch looks delicious. Glad the girls are sharing. :)

  3. It is still hot here...went out early in the day for brunch with a friend...loved the egg white omelet, open faced, with mushrooms, spinach, etc.

    That is a cute tent!

  4. The Magician's Lie looks good- just added it to my wishlist! Yummy brunch, enjoy your lazy Saturday!

  5. I am never in the mood for Costco but Whole Foods? I could spend hours there.