Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Stuff...

Finished this...enjoyed it but a little somethin' somethin' was definitely missing...I continue to think about this one and wonder why it was a bit of a disconnect for had all the elements in it that I love...but I just wasn't feeling it? Sigh! I really think it was a character issue...there were three cousins to feel passionate about or not...and I was in the "or not" group...even though I liked the book!

I really feel as though I need to read this in anticipation of the movie...I have never read it...and since today is a college football watching day...even though CSU isn't on until 10:45 tonight...this might be a good one to get me through the long hot afternoon! There is Penn State to watch...I think Ohio State, too. The movie looks awesome but you never really know...

Love this toss on toss in a suitcase dresses so much...I actually bought this one...

New napping space...gets every bit of afternoon sun...seconds before I took this I heard a thump and Roxie was knocked to the floor...they both want the exact same spot!

So after Lucy refused to allow Roxie anywhere on the sofa...Roxie took to the skies...

Happy Saturday!


  1. I want that dress. That's one I could even sport preggers.

  2. Poor Roxie...LOL. That sofa does look comfy.

    I have Three Story House...haven't read it yet.

  3. It's halftime of the Ohio State team - I sure hope you're rooting for the right team!

    I didn't love Santo's first book so I skipped Three Story House.