Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Matters!

I love football! I get so much reading accomplished! It's amazing how I can tune out the screams, shouts, pacing, and tears...that all come from Den...I think I can read through anything!

Finished was so good...I love books that are so beautifully written that I am lost in them...this was one of those amazing books.

Finished this...a fun yet sensitive YA book about being gay and being in love with your best friend. Loved it!

And this one? Started and stopped it last week and was halfway finished...then...I picked it up again and finished it during the Penn State game on Saturday...a very different book for me but once I gave it a chance and stayed with was really exciting...the premise? Terrorists and sophisticated organized crime...that would be The

Now...I am reading more than one book at a time...which I do not really like.

This is one of them...and I have to's part novel, part memoir, part advice? reads smoothly, is funny, and I am totally enjoying it!

I also restarted this one...good but slow and I am annoyed with main character Jane...who has been released from prison on technicalities after being in prison for
murdering her mother. Jane is a highly irritating person...sigh!

And I continue to read this one...I am enjoying it but...I might have said this's been so long since I read the first two...that the characters feel like strangers to me and it's taken me a long time to get reacquainted.

I really need to get back to one book at a time...soon!

Happy Monday! The girls and I are on our own today...Den is at the it's a more normal day! But...we miss you, Den!


  1. I have Dear Daughter on the top of my TBR pile but have avoided picking it up for some reason.

    I am liking football less and less these days. I'm having trouble getting past the behavior of the players, both at the college and professional levels.

  2. The WOLF book sounds amazing! Have a wonderful week, Patty!

  3. I have Dear Daughter and hope to read it is hard to read a book with annoying characters....

  4. I love that football= reading time for you. :) So cool! Glad you were able to restart some books this weekend.