Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Blog...I Missed You So!

I try not to go on and on and on about stuff that happens to me like my app issue but I was totally miserable without my BlogPress app...and I am really unhappy with Blogger!

Rita...thank you so much for telling me about what you did to get to WP...I think that when I am brave enough...or frustrated will contact her!

Den is only working one day at the office this and Tuesday were filled with yard work and house stuff. I love that we have finally worked out a routine when he is at home...I love that he goes into his study and the girls and I still have our quiet Thank goodness we have lots of places to have quiet time...right now...reading while sitting on the big yellow sofa in the sunroom is a favorite spot! One shared with these big as the sofa is they both want the same spot. Lucy actually pushed Roxie to the floor yesterday...fighting over this spot!
The winner!

They fight over this spot, too. I think it's all about the sun? And Roxie...has become that annoying little sister to Lucy...she watches Lucy constantly and seems to do whatever Lucy does. But I also think that Lucy likes this adulation? Lol...

Reading this...just started it, really...I loved what was said about it but I can't tell yet...I only know that it's different enough to interest far.

I am so ready for Fall...crisp apples, flannelly plaids...pumpkins! Love these oversized ones from Nasty Gal! I want them both! I might have bought them both...hmmm...

Bon Appetit does grilled cheese and tomato soup...yum! Dinner? is calm!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I wish Bill were home like that! Trust gets lonely, even with The 3 Girls & Stella.
    I love the plaid flannels! That book has me curious, too.

  2. Oh, so happy to hear you are moving to Word Press. Glad Rita could guide you, as I just started new blogs on WP and moved some of my posts, so I'm no help. But you'll want to move everything, and I know there's a way to do congrats!

    I am eager to read You....and have I told you that I have sun room envy? I love yours...and the idea of the coziness makes me so happy!


    1. It sounds as though you are really good at moving your blogs!

  3. It was terribly easy to import my Blogger over to Wordpress ;)

  4. I've always been on Wordpress, so don't really have any advice.
    You're sunroom looks like a nice place to sit and read.

  5. Yes baby. Bring on the apples, cool temps, and long sleeves!

  6. Now I am in the mood for grilled cheese. Sorry Blogger was giving you a problem!

  7. That blogpress really gives you hell. Of course it's been so long since I've blogged, I'm totally out of the loop!