Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Think I Am Back!

OMG! I have literally spent the entire day trying to figure out what is happening to Blogger...I think I really have to change to Word Press but I have to figure out how!

So scary! Can I just move my blog over? It's complicated! For the past four days...I could not use my paid for not free Blogpress App...I cannot get into the posting part of my blog on my laptop...I can see my blog but I can't post...that page stays blank!

So finally...just now...I try my Blogpress App again and it's working! I have such a headache!

Reading this...did you know that this is Deborah Crombie's 16th Gemma and Duncan book? This one is so good but they were all good! Thank you Edelweiss for this one!

Off to shower and have a drink with Den! I have been stressed over this blog stuff for the last few days...there is no explanation for why any of it happened!

Talk more tomorrow!


  1. I want to read a Deborah Crombie book but I don't know if I have to read most of them in order to understand what's going on, or can just drop into the series wherever and make do.

    Sorry about the blogger problem; I used to have occasional problems when on it, but I had a free one.I switched to a WP theme using Ashley @ Creative Whim and she hosts my blog for $8.95 a month, migrated my blog over in a few minutes to a highly adaptable theme with many free plug-ins, and gives me 24/7 free support. It was the best deal for me, since I don't know anything about techie stuff, unfortunately. I don't get anything for plugging her :) just giving my own experience. Other folks can give their experience and then it's up to you.

    Have a good, and more relaxing, tomorrow.

  2. I'm afraid to move away from blogger, too... just not tech-saavy enough to do all that's involved, I guess. I usually publish form my laptop and didn't know there was a Blogpress app. Do you prefer to blog from am iPad?