Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why We Don't Move On Sunday!'s simple...Den goes out and gets papers and Starbucks...sometimes he stops at Talulah's Table for a slice of frittata and the most amazing cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing ever! He did that this morning.

We sit and read the papers for hours! The kitties nap! We binge watch stuff we have missed...Fargo and Game Of Thrones in particular...then we discuss dinner...this is what we are having tonight. Pasta, olives, tuna from Simply Recipes...yum!

In spite of all of this being so pleasant...Den continues to ask me what I want to do...I continue to say...nothing!

We might talk about lunch...fresh tacos from Red Sombrero...minutes away.

I will read...Den will fall asleep. The girls will come down for lunch...they do this every day...they sit next to the island and wait quietly for their yummy bites!

Plus we had a late night date night last night and we are pleasantly tired...Den more than me...he was trying to scowl at total impossibility!

That's our Sunday!

Reading this...really good!

How does your Sunday roll?


  1. I love Sundays like the one you described. So nice to laze about the house and relax. :) Glad you and Den got to spend a nice day together. Last night looks like it was fun too!

    Love the cover of the book you are reading!

  2. Those tacos look soooo delicious! My mouth is watering...and you are right about that book.

    I had to laugh at Den's "scowl."

  3. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!!

    1. really was...until my husband started feeling guilty!

  4. All of the food sounds so good.
    I dream of lazy Sundays but they rarely happen.