Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I Should Be Doing...

I should be out getting groceries...but I am not in the mood.

I should be vacuuming...but I am not in the mood for that either!

Den has been in Minneapolis all a speech and watching the river rise from his hotel room. He loves to walk the Mall Of America and then eat sushi. I should be planning dinner and shopping for dinner here but I am too lazy today!

I should be driving around hills and dales to get to Glen Willow but I don't feel like it. They have fresh New Jersey blueberries this week plus tons of other stuff...local cherries, too! And their cantaloupes have been so good!

I am even between books...I should be reading one of these but I might watch a movie instead!

I think even Roxie and Lucy are undecided about their day! What is this move? Lol!

Oh well...I hope you aren't having the same kind of indecisive day as I am!

Happy Thursday!


  1. You should have gone so you could do Mall of America all day! How fun.

    1. Lucy and Roxie did nòt want me to go!

  2. I frequently have lazy days...LOL. I am looking forward to Small Blessings. I am reading Goodnight June today and loving it....then I'll watch some movies on my DVR.