Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pies! And Just One Book...Or Perhaps Two?

I envy pie makers. Those bakers that can get a pie to come out with a thick filling and dough that is not raw. I yearn to make a pie...I believe that I have shared my pie frustration before...please bear with I should start with a tart? A bite sized pie morsel...I still have the pie pans from my easy bake oven! I will...I really truly will...someday!

Martha is inspiring me...she recently posted these! Aren't they lovely?

Just finished this...I was totally fascinated and yet irritated with it at the same time!
A brain tumor! A disintegrating marriage! Perseveration!

Reading this now...

Den is on his way home...from girls and I need to clean up the house and put away all of the bottles and cans from our parties...yikes...
and pizza boxes...and brownie pans...and catnip!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I do make a great pie, if I may boast a bit...... a Wet Bottomed Shoo Fly is my favorite.... I can do one of those with my eyes closed.

  2. Making a crust takes a little bit of practice but, other than that, pies aren't hard to make.

  3. I loved One Hundred Names...and I love pies, too! I haven't made one in a long time, but crusts were the hard part for me. I struggled and never enjoyed the the end, they came out great. But I hated it! Except for the eating...LOL

  4. I got a weird message, so I think my comment was lost. Trying again!

    Those pies look beautiful and delicious! I hope you and the girls got the house cleaned up before Den got home. :)

  5. What gorgeous pictures. They are inspiring.