Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love Jo Jo!

Reading these in minutes...hopefully! Thank you, Annie Harris and Penguin! I will announce a giveaway of her newest book on Monday!

Her new one!

Her even newer new one!

Once I finish all my over dues...I am hitting both of these!

Almost done with this...so sad but so good!

And this one?

I read this one late into the night last night...I had been reading it on my kindle for about a week...only at night if I woke up and couldn't sleep...but last night...I was sleepless and I just read and read until I finished...it's truly a beautifully multilayered book. Laura and Eric...living without their oldest son...for four long years. He was taken while skateboarding. The story of their loss and trauma and devastation was so sad...so profoundly sad...I could not stop reading. This is a book I should have just read on its own without sandwiching it in with other lighter books.

One lovely book at a time so that I can lose myself in it...sigh!

And it's why I really do enjoy one book at a time reading...and why I don't think I would like audio...sorry, Sheila...lol...I just can't listen to a book...although...I really do want to try audio for long car trips with Den...and only an audio book that I would not want to read...perhaps a memoir...or a fast paced thriller? One we both might like...we shall see!

We have cloudy skies and rain! The bad part is no deck sitting...the good part is no watering. I am off soon to buy herbs to pot!

Have an amazing Tuesday!


  1. I didn't think I would like audio either---but I LOVE it. If you want to try one...I suggest The Aviators Wife as the narrator is wonderful. Also Jackson Galaxy's book that came out a year (or two?) ago was GREAT! I can't imagine his book any other way than audio, he narrates it himself and it makes it so good!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa, those are great ideas!

  2. I started with audio on a car trip. Start with something light and fun like David Sedaris.

  3. I have some with me, still unread. I have a stack and list at home, too. I love boiks. *sigh*

  4. I love Jo Jo too! I have One Plus One coming from Amazon (a pre-order), unless I find it on Vine first! LOL.

    I have a couple of her other books on Sparky. I haven't heard of Silver Bay...must add it!

  5. I agree, Patty...audio books would only work for me if they are fast-paced thrillers, not books with a lot of visual images....and only on long car trips. I once listened to one with Fiona, when we drove to LA. But it was really her book, so I don't know how it might have worked for me....

    I just know that I'm visual...and listening is not my best thing. In college, I could listen to the professors, but it was the copious notes that I wrote that got me through. When I write or read something, I remember it.

    1. We are so much alike! I roll the same way!