Friday, June 20, 2014

Fantasy...And Roxie Blue!

Reading good...there is a girl...Marni...and her mother was a princess who walked into this forest and had Marni...I am not sure...positively sure yet...but I think her father is a because of this...Marni's grandfather...who is the king...abdicates his throne...takes Marni to a hut at the edge of a forest and grows flowers. His son becomes the King. Whew! the forest keeps moving toward the kingdom and when Marni goes into the forest she sees all kinds of magical stuff that call to her to stay in the forest. No matter where Marni goes...this special dragon flower grows...and I can't put this book down!

Sectional finally came! We are off to arrange the deck!

Happy Friday!


  1. Where's Roxie Blue?

    Yay for the sectional!

  2. Oh, enjoy the sectional! What fun...and the book sounds magical.

  3. Lol, everyone wants to see your pretty lil cat. But I am glad you got the sectional at last. That book sounds really intriguing-- dragons, kings, magical!

  4. Oooh! This book sounds excellent! I definitely want to read it. :)