Monday, June 23, 2014


Finished this...very overbearing husband and a lovely artistic wife who paints everything shabby chic white. Of course they have a snarky teen daughter...dabbling in boys and booze. And a sister living in their cottage...of course they have a cottage that is also outfitted in shabby chic...sigh! And it's in South Carolina so everybody has that lovely soft accent...sigh! But...the husband lies...and...well...let's just say it's fun and a nice light summer book. But I promise you will not like the husband...Southern gentleman or not!

I started this...and it's quirky good...shameless Lucy photo with book...I really think she is slowing down...sigh...tears...heartbreaking...but I was up late and didn't want the light on so I started Big Little Lies...on my Kindle.

It is so good I can't see straight. I just want to read and read and read to find out who did what to whom! You just can't trust preschool moms! Lol!

Ti! You won this! chose you! I will send your address to the publisher in minutes! You lucky duck! I loved this one!

Happy Monday!


  1. Patty, sounds like an amazing book (the first one) are describing it so well! Feel so sad for Lucy...she is aging so gracefully; Grace is a perfect middle name for her!
    Love reading and seeing your sweet photos...the story of Roxy made me shed a few tears (seriously)...brought back memories of my two beloved kitties (now in kitty heaven)

    So nice to see you and Den have those fun 'date nights'...after all those years of marriage, still appreciate each other! True love is an incredible treasure to have!
    Love your beautiful recent 'selfie photo'!

  2. Oh, shucks! Blogger made my comment disappear. I don't think I can say everything again...just that I can't wait to get those books...although I've already read and loved The Stories We Tell....

  3. I have all those books on my wishlist. The Big Little Lies sounds like a fun read to me, and I have read other books by the author and enjoyed them greatly.

  4. These books look great! I have catching up to do when I get home!

    1. That Night should be there waiting for you!