Thursday, June 5, 2014

Books! And Spaces!

Reading real book format!

Reading this...on my ipad2 while I am on the treadmill...and at night on my kindle when I wake up wired at 3 AM ish! It's so good but so sad...really sad...a very sad family story...

Reading this soon...I love books like this!

Here’s a blurb:

WARNING: This book will seriously damage your funny bone. The poorest boy in school has just inherited £1 million. But there is a catch: If he can hold on to his cash for a whole year he will earn ten times that amount. Enter Felicity MacKenzie, the ugliest, sweatiest, vilest, cruelest, hairiest mother in the western world. When she steals her son’s money and goes on the spending spree to end all spending sprees it seems that Johnny Nothing will stay poor forever. However, Johnny has a plan – he will imprison his parents and force them to do homework and go to bed early as punishment. Join Johnny Nothing, Bill and Ben the bouncer men, Ebenezer Dark and a cast of literally dozens in (probably) the funniest book you will (most likely) ever read in (some of) your lifetime. Learn why solicitors like handbags; why dead people are windier than the North Sea; why parents dislike electrocution; and what happens to you after you die. Johnny Nothing: Book 01 in a series of less than two from best-selling author Ian Probert.

Here's the book!

All plants are potted except for obvious things that we forgot! I need some winding, curling up trellises things for trellises in the yard...I want some hanging winding curling things for the bluebird houses and some bright flowy flowers for the double bench we have by the pond. Sigh! Today it's rainy and looks like winter outside so...planting is on hold. I think I want a big herb pot, too!

Off to the treadmill...Happy Day!


  1. That Johnny Nothing has piqued my interest...I'll be watching for your review!

    The plants sound wonderful...enjoy.

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  2. I'm up around 2 or 3 in the morning as well and it totally stinks!

    1. I can usually fall back to sleep but I still hate waking up then! It does stink!