Saturday, May 10, 2014

Which Witch!

Finished this...freaking loved it...but I am a huge fan of this author and this series. It's vampire rabid madness and I could not put it down.

Reading this...there are a number of witch books by this author but my sister Paula says that they are not really connected so you can read them in any order. So...I am reading this one sister Paula loves these books. I think I do, too! The covers are always lovely!

That's all I have today! We are relaxing...doing some yard work...Den is getting us tostadas for lunch and we are having a Big Italian Salad for dinner and just staying home today...tomorrow we are driving about an hour away to a neat Farmers' today is our resting day...

Our salad recipe is from The Cozy Apron...this is her photo but mine will duplicate hers...I love her recipe!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Replies
    1. I just made's in the refrigerator...icy cold...and a homemade Italian dressing....all I have to do for dinner is make these garlicky baguette slices...that Den loves!

  2. OMG! That's an awesome salad. My mouth is watering! Have fun tomorrow. I love taking treks like that. :-)

  3. Ooh, I do love witches, but preferably without the vampires...LOL.

    That salad looks good. I had lunch at Applebee's...I don't go there often, but I enjoyed a lovely salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, and avocado, among other goodies.