Friday, May 23, 2014


Reading these...both are you remember when I said I could never read two books at a time? Those were the old I might even try audio! Lol...
OMG...don't you love this cover?

Read this last night while waiting for Den...who was coming in from Minneapolis and had delay after delay after delay. It's short, sweet, too predictable...maybe a tad disappointing...which is sad because I love this author...but she allowed a sweet puppy to be abandoned at the beginning of this that distracted me throughout the entire book...he was cold and hungry and couldn't understand why his summer family on Nantucket didn't want him any more...

In love with Birkies! I just bought Den some! They are back and hotter than ever! But...did they really ever go away?

Nails...they get darker or lighter depending on whether I am hot or cold! My toes are periwinkle blue, too!

Happy Pre-memorial Day Friday!


  1. You and me are like on the same clothing brain wave. I was just thinking I want some Birkies. I'm so glad their back. Now I just need to score them at a steal. So pricey.

    1. After I spent $120 on mine a friend got a pair for $30 at the QVC outlet...but I saw some for sale on Zappos and Amazon! Good luck!

  2. I love the blue nails...I need to get mine done. I got a pedicure and my toes are purple...want to do my hands with the same.

    But I'm hard on my hands! I'm always chipping and breaking my nails...sigh.

    The books do look so good.....

  3. I don't think Birkies ever go out of style. Can you believe I've never owned a pair? Of course you can.

  4. Pretty nails! I like the sandals, too. The abandoned puppy...oh no....