Wednesday, May 28, 2014

They Tumble And Fall!

We had a nightmarish thunder/wind/rainstorm most beautiful deck plant was blown overboard. For the past few days it's been such a delight to just look at its pink and green loveliness...but even though Den raced outside to pick it's kind of a sad! I even matched it's green spiky things to my new deck sectional...I am really sad! I love it! But I have to admit to being afraid of summer storms...we lost power for a few minutes...the wind was...way too windy! My grandmother always lit a few little votive candles during a storm...I usually do that, too.

What was funny was that last night I made my grandmother's chicken for dinner! It's all made in one pan...chicken pieces and little baby potatoes and carrots and onion slices...maybe a few garlic cloves...that just get sautéed in a big pan...although I microwave the baby potatoes first...and I only use skinless organic chicken thighs...but it gets brown and crispy...Den loves it...and when the pan is mom or my grandmother would take a slice of bread and wipe out the pan...and deliver that to my dad...I do the same thing but I deliver it to Den! He loves this chicken!

Hopefully I can save my plant today!

Finished this...utterly fascinating but I am beginning to devour historical/quest/fiction!

Reading this...Maine, lobstahs, relationships...yum!

I have already separated these two...Lucy is in a time! They look angelic now but they were popping each other minutes my lap! Sisters! Den thinks Roxie is the instigator but that is not always the case.

That's all I have! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sorry to hear about your plant! We had bad storms here too. So bad that school was cancelled today because of all the down trees and power lines. Now I am not sure what will happen with the end of school- as I know we will need to add a day, but there are all kinds of events this time of year. Glad you are safe. :)

    1. Oh no! But no school is always kind of fun!

  2. That chicken sounds soooo good! Roxie looks like she has cute little brown socks on. :-)

  3. So sad when Nature plays havoc with our stuff!

    Cute kitties...and I'm curious about The From-Aways.

  4. How about the recipe for the chicken? Please and thank you!

  5. So sad about your plant, but maybe it will bounce back with some TLC and gentle sunshine instead of fierce winds. Your cats do look angelic, but I know from my own cats that their looks are deceiving! You made me crave that good ol'fashioned roast chicken dinner-yum yum! I will check out The From-Aways further-- I used to live on the Maine coast for about 4 years about 10 years ago, a slice of heaven on earth.

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