Thursday, May 29, 2014

OMG! Free Dresses...Almost!

I freaking love store credits! There is this little shop in Camden, Maine called Cotton Garden...that I love...and Jane...the awesome. I love wearing these dresses in the summer...they are comfy, cool, inexpensive and fun! Jane takes photos and sends them to me. The sizing is easy so they are always perfect.

This is the first batch...I got the two on the bottom but I am thinking more and more about some of the top ones! Their size is ONE they usually always work! Again...comfy and summer style! Oh...and I had a store credit! So exciting!

Loved these and they are mine! All mine!

Finished this...Menamon, Maine, lobsters, blueberries, a small town protest that turns bad...very bad! But I loved Leah and Hank...and Quinn...main characters! Plus there were recipes in the back of the book! Yes!

Reading this now...loving it...quirky characters and I love quirky!

That's all I have! Happy Thursday! Deck furniture is coming today! So excited!


  1. I love the deep blueish one in the middle of the top pic.

  2. I love those dresses! I'm too short for most in that style, unless they're petite. And I'm no good at hemming.

    1. How tall are you? I am short, too, but these work on me! I love them longish!