Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ok...So...Maybe I Do...But Only In The Summer!

I am admitting to reading a guess...romance...books...but nothing graphic...I think I like the "girl doesn't like the boy but the boy wins her over" kind but they have to have cooking or an inn or a bully somewhere. That's my formula and I am sticking to it...

Back to this one for a had all of my requirements and was really good...lots of cooking, too.

This one had a broken engagement and lobsters.

This one had food, NYC, and fantasy.

Now...kind of like only eating veg after eating something decadent...
I am reading a scary dark vampiric novel...I am only in the first few pages and already an entire village has been drained of blood! Just what I need!

And a raw rough dysfunctional the first chapter there is lost virginity at 15, a broken toe and a death! I need a book like this now! And it's only going to get worse!
Even the cover screams dysfunction...bad relationships...scuffed knees...and more!

Happy Wednesday! But as soon as I finish these two...I am reading these! Lol!


  1. That's quite a book list you've got there!

  2. I can read a romance if the story is based in a beach town or some other locale close to water. Weird, huh?

  3. I love all the summery looking covers.

  4. Everyone loves a sweet book from time to time!

  5. A lot of people like romance. It is a popular genre, constantly releasing new books. While I don't read them, I think to each their own. That is the great thing about books, something for everyone!

  6. I like your "rules" for reading romance. I agree....there has to be more to the story than the romance (for me).