Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday! Grilling, Chilling, Planting!

Planting big pots everywhere!

Making this...from Food's the kind of pasta salad where you can sort of add anything you like! I am adding artichokes and feta and olives and other stuff!

Grilling these for dinner...from Food 52!

Making these for dessert...we do this every Memorial Day. Den calls them Farmer's...I call them root beer floats...we use a small brewery artisanal root beer and awesome vanilla ice cream! Lucy and Roxie get some foam! This photo is from Food & Wine!

Finished this...really really scary creepy good!

Reading far mesmerizing! I am really loving certain historical fiction!

Have an awesome one! More books tomorrow!


  1. Dinner looks great. I made a pasta salad last week for Bill. My Grampy used to call root beer floats Black Cows.Yum!

  2. The food looks delicious, as usual. I like holidays, when I can eat things I don't normally eat...LOL.

    Gorgeous flowers, too.

  3. I am looking for a good scary book - I might try FERAL.

  4. Oooo yum! How did it turn out! I love Food 52.