Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Stuff!

Bought's an Eileen Fisher Wedge dress...

I love all of this fabric!

Hungry for this...pasta salad from Food 52. It has Greek feta and olives and toasted pine nuts...yum!

Went here...for flowers and fruits and more local veggies!

I think I have a love/hate with this book...I feel as though I have been living with these characters forever! I am not sure I like them! They are selfish, mean, irritating, dishonest, and slightly drug addicted! And these are the parents! The toddlers are whiny and wound up...and I still can't get over the nursing four year old who bosses all of the other toddlers around! They all have so many issues! Nicole can't live without dope and fears the world is going to end. Rip...stay at home miserable because he wants a second baby. Tiffany is an over the top demanding mommy. Leigh...I have a feeling she took money from her son's school! And Susanna and Allie...the play groups married lesbian mommies...or rather mama and mommy...they have twin boys, Susanna is pregnant again...and Allie isn't even sure she likes children! I am truly both fascinated and slightly horrified by this book!

That's my Monday! Have a good one!


  1. comment completely disappeared! It usually says: "will be visible after approval."

    So here goes again: the characters in this book sound like the ones in that old eighties show called Thirtysomething.

  2. The book looks a bit much for me, ha! Enjoy. The dress is very interesting and look like your style! Locally grown stuff, you just can't get better than that!