Friday, May 30, 2014

It's A Sloppy Sort Of Friday!

Den and I love Sloppy Joe's! We particularly love them on a Friday with baked French Fries or Onion Rings! This has been our meatless week so we want to dive into these...with a chilled drink...I am using Brown Eyed Baker's can find the recipe here...I am still figuring out linking from my ipad so if this is blank...I am so sorry!

Den and I are having "salad in a jar" for lunch today...I packed 6 different veggies inside so we don't have to eat any more serious vegetables today...we can have fun ones for dinner! These are from The Yummy Life.

This is from The Kitchn...but mine look just like this. Den takes a plate with him...dumps it out...adds dressing...and voila! Yummy salad! I usually make four at a time...they look so pretty in the refrigerator!

Finished this...I did not love this book.

Reading this...not sure yet how I feel!

Lovely new books from NetGalley and Penguin!

And NetGalley and Atria...

That is all I have! Have a happy lovely Friday and weekend! I am taking the weekend off!

Back on Monday with more new books!


  1. Yummy! Love those salads in a jar....and I didn't love Casebook either....annoying kids!

  2. I am looking for some suspense thrillers, nothing gory and not horror. Suggestions? How was Casebook?
    Those salads look great!